How We Do, What We Do

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1. We Chat

Our first step is simple: we listen. We schedule a call to learn all about your marketing needs. We'll ask plenty of questions. Prior to our call, we'll give you a few question prompts to think about. This call isn't about us. We won't be hard-selling or up-selling. We are simply here to listen to your needs.  

Game Plan Marketing

2. Game Plan

With our whiteboards sketched end-to-end, we get to work crafting an amazing solution. We have clients who want us to do everything for them, but most often, we suggest a middle-ground solution. We do some heavy lifting to get you up and running, and you do some weekly maintenance to keep the train moving. Either way, we'll strike the right balance. 


3. Reveal Our Bright Idea(s)

It's time to reveal our plan and recommendations. We will give you multiple options. Your ideas are unique and we strive to respect your brand. We walk you through each step and set you on a path for success. Or maybe, we go back to the drawing board. 


4. Refine & Measure

Whatever we set out to accomplish must be measured and refined over time. There are many standards by which we can analyze performance and we will decide on these metrics together. Believe it or not, this is the fun part. This is where you truly begin to own your marketing strategy. 


5. Stay Connected

To us, business is more than transactions. We work to our turn our business relationships into friendships. We want to know about your graduations, birthdays, hole-in-ones, and spontaneous mid-life purchases. This process is our favorite. 

We like you. Join our weirdness.


-A very wiseman


Let's Chat

Here's the thing—we want to help you. But, we don't want to pressure you into anything. We want you to want us. That whole commitment thing...we get it. So let's meet half way.

Fill out some information for us, and we'll touch base. No hard sell. If you like what you see, we'll dance. If not, we part as friends. Cool? 



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